Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chris McDaniel: Radio Killed the Tea Party Political Star (DHM Exclusive)

Dark Horse Mississippi again has the scoop on Tea Party-backed U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel's digital skeletons.  Earlier this week, DHM first flagged for national media outlets like Mother Jones Magazine McDaniel's mid-2000s radio show promotional teaser that sent shock-waves through social media, most notably from those outraged by McDaniel's debunked theory that hip hop caused gun violence.

Below, find DHM's exclusive four newly uncovered sound files from 2006 to 2007 of McDaniel hosting the Right Side Radio program.  

Among the more outrageous comments found:

"If they pass reparations and my taxes go up, I ain't paying taxes"

"I can out-rap Kevin Finder-line [sic]..." (After trashing hip-hop culture)

"I'm here, I'm queer... [unintelligible]"

"What does a party of homosexual agenda have to say about morals?" (Referencing Democratic Party)

"A party of sex on demand" (Again Referencing Democratic Party)

"When did people on stock market making money like crazy become immoral?"

"Osama, I mean Obama, might be somebody who follows God in some respects."

"Nothing wrong with women wrestling. My producer has been looking for that video for years."

"She wasn't holding down a gay guy!" (A statement that in its context may be both racist and homophobic -- just give a listen)

"Right next to gender misidentification is a high IQ" (Connecting what he sees as "elitism" of San Francisco with a claimed correlation between high intelligence and homosexuality)

"Imagine that: the boogie man having dark features... Darkness bad, light good. Isn't that neat?" (Referencing the backlash to a video game that had a dark villain)

And there's something to offend just about every group in this treasure trove of oppo research brought to you by DHM. Even the Tea-Party-friendly libertarians should be outraged by the time these files are combed through and reported by other media outlets, since McDaniel states that libertarians in government will mean "hooker and crack discounts" at your local 7-Eleven.

DHM has been working overtime trying to uncover McDaniel's digital trail.  Please stay tuned. More to come...


  1. McDaniel doesn't grasp that well-known concept that the internet is forever--and that being an ignorant, hateful sociopath a turnoff for most voters. Good work by this blog for pulling off his sheet for all to see.

  2. If I belong to the party of sex on demand, then I have a lot to be disappointed with the Dems about.